R+J: The Vineyard Sample- Queen Mab

“Queen Mab” Scene 1.4 of R+J: The Vineyard Adaptation of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare Adapted by Janette Bauer and Aaron Sawyer Directed by Aaron Sawyer Filmed by Logan Conner Starring Christopher Schroeder, Brenda Scott Wlazlo, and Brendan Connelly

Year of the Rooster Press Packet

      Directed by Carrie Lee Patterson “Year of the Rooster” is a fiercely comic play about finding connections, cockfighting, and clawing your way to the top. Gil is a timid fast food worker with dreams of glory and a star rooster with something to prove. Love and respect …

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2015-2016 Season

Season 4: Dangerous and Free Red Theater is now Dangerous and Free. Our FIVE Red Theater Collectives are adopting the Free Theater model. At Red Theater we believe that theater only works when it’s for everyone, so we work hard to keep it free. You can help, comrade! 2015-2016 Season R+J: THE VINEYARD …

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Possible Parental Concerns

R+J: The Vineyard uses the text of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet which contains some violence and sexual content. Our adaptation does as well! Here is some information to ponder when considering bringing your child. On Sex: There is no nudity other than a couple men with their shirts off (but …

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